Whats Better Clear or Metal Braces? – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

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There are a variety of alternatives for treatment. This video will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of two treatment options such as clear braces and steel braces.

Metal braces are among the most commonly used type of braces. They’re strong as well as durable. They’ve been tested confirmed to be safe, and can be personalized with various colours. It is important to be careful when cleaning your teeth since food can get stuck inside them.

Also, you should avoid eating foods that are hard or sticky. When you’re in the sport when wearing metal braces it’s important to ensure that the mouth area is kept safe.

Ceramic, or clear, braces can be as efficient as traditional braces, and they integrate with teeth, making their appearance less obvious. Clear braces were stained because of the rubber bands which were required. Contemporary clear braces do not present this issue.

However, you should be cautious in maintaining your dental health, and wear proper protection when performing sports. Talk to your dentist about it if you are unsure about how much metal braces cost as opposed to braces that are clear.

To know more about differences between metal braces as well as clear braces and the benefits of orthodontic treatment for you, click on the video’s link above.


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