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A majority of jails aren’t as large as prisons. The jails that are managed are typically run by local authorities. A majority of the time, jails are populated by those who were detained for minor infractions, such as minor infractions. The majority of the time that the sentence will last not more than a year. The majority of the times, they will hold individuals that are unable to put up bail.

There are a lot of prisons so there is no one with only misdemeanors. Prisons usually are full of well-rounded criminals. The criminals in prison have been sentenced for felonies which can be much worse. The prisons may be managed through the state or federal government. Individuals who have committed the same crimes as robbery, or bank robbery is usually kept by federal authorities. These make state prisons much safer, as they tend to be home to those who have been more violent. State and federal facilities could have minimum or high security, depending on the facility. The minimum security prisons tend to be more luxurious and more similar to adult camp facilities than the prisons. 7sf9pzltn5.

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