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For the benefit of your family as well as for your personal satisfaction. But, the services of a daycare are cost-effective in their own way. Yet, the providers don’t receive that much. So, how can this be?

Within the United States, parents pay around $10,000 to provide childcare every year. Others may charge even more. The annual earnings are $400,000 for 40 children in a center for daycare. That’s pretty significant, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look at the overhead costs for a childcare center. The average cost of rent utility and maintenance costs less than 1/3. So, there’s around $260,000 in wages. What number of teachers is required to handle 40 kids?

There are a lot. It is an extremely difficult job which requires lots of labor and children can be unpredictable. They need constant supervision, consequently, it’s necessary to have a lot of people working. Minimum three teachers should be in charge of the principal teacher, six assistant teachers and one director. These educators will not be paid the highest salaries when there’s no money remaining.

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