Why Hire an SEO Consultant?

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There’s no questioning it anymore. A business can’t get by without search engine optimization services. Though some are uncertain how SEO and social media marketing management can help, the numbers are clear. Web marketing has a return rate of $22 for every dollar spent on it. That doesn’t just include a website, though a professional web presence that accurately reflects your clinic’s brand is important. It also includes search engine optimization, mobile optimization, and successful integration of product videos. The times are changing, and SEO consultants are helping to lead the charge.

Why Hire an SEO Consultant?

The main reason to hire an SEO consultant is that quality SEO makes the difference between a great site that does its job and a great site that is never seen. Users searching on engines like Google are 70% more likely to click on non paid results and usually only choose from the results on the first page. Choosing to hire an SEO consultant is what can bring your site more website traffic without resorting to paid ads. One study showed that 84% of people between 25 and 34 actually left favorite websites because of intrusive and irrelevant advertising.

Going Mobile

Any expert in SEO also knows the importance of optimizing your site for mobile. Fortunately, many internet marketers who are outsourcing seo services to dedicated SEO agencies specialize in those kinds of changes. By December 2013, mobile devices will drive a third of U.S. paid clicks. Mobile internet is being used, and it’s being used en masse. Accordingly, 15% of small businesses will build mobile optimized sites this year. A mobile site’s main purpose is to provide a condensed version of the site that loads quicker. Since 43% of users say that they are unlikely to return to slow loading sites, that kind of change is critical.

Product Video

When you hire an SEO consultant, you’re often also hiring an expert in video marketing strategy. Product videos can be an important asset on a site, as long as they aren’t too long or cumbersome. The key to a quality product video is to keep it short. One survey showed that 60% of respondents aren’t willing to spend more than two minutes watching a product video. Communicate your message quickly and clearly, then give users a chance to explore your site for the best results.

The main reason to hire an SEO consultant is to make sure that you’re getting the best results possible. You’re an expert in your field and wouldn’t want an amateur doing your job. Similarly, look to the experts if you’re wanting real SEO results. For more, read this link: puredigitalmarketing.com

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