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Make Big Lifestyle Changes by Starting Small

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Financial planning fees

Did you know that, according to the American Psychological Association and the American Stress Institute, 73% of Americans blame high stress levels on money? Virtual Economics adds, in fact, that American families struggle with an average of $118,000 worth of debt. A monthly family budget can get you back on track, improve marital and family relationships, and keep families stress-free. What are some of the best money saving tips?

Strike Up a Budget, and Stick to It

Anticipate earnings and expenses using a simple tool, the average family budget. Calculate a monthly estimate of all earnings, including wages, tips, commission, savings, and more. From there, start accounting for expenses. Start with the big picture, calculating in monthly mortgage payments or rent, insurance payments, c

What Should You Know Before Buying Glasses Online? Three Tips

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The right glasses for your face

Did you know that about 3% of glasses now are bought online? It’s no surprise that people are turning to the internet to find their best options for eye wear. Unlike a store, which has limited shelf space, online stores selling eyeglasses have access to hundreds of models that you can view at the same time, including designer wear that is often difficult to come by in person., for example, has over 8,000 listed options, so there’s no need to settle for something that’s “sort of like” the pair you wanted. Not sure yet if buying glasses online is the right option for you? Here are three tips for making it a smooth experience.

1. What You Need to Know for Prescription Glasses

You might have heard the stories of people who bought eye wear online, only to find

Every Part Is Important, No Matter How Small

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P clamps

It’s the little things that matter. And nowhere is this more true than in manufacturing. A part no larger than the tip of your little finger can mean the difference between a functional machine and a recall waiting to happen. Here is just a sampling of the tiny parts we rely on in our everyday lives.

  • Nylon Nuts and Bolts. Whenever two pieces of metal need to be fastened together in any electrical device, the potential exists for those pieces to conduct electricity. Using nylon nuts and bolts can help to isolate these pieces from electric current to reduce overheating, overconsumption of energy, and handling danger.
  • Cable Glands. Cables are designed to transfer a current from one place to another, be it information or electricity. But at some point in the length o

Four Facts About Interesting Repurposed Furniture Blogs

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Unique vintage furniture

Even though we are currently in the early-to-mid 2010s, you might not know it from the popular fashions. Sure, plaid is back, and faded t-shirts are everywhere. But looking past just clothing, you will find all types of vintage gear inside homes as well. Vintage repurposed furniture has become the new thing.

Since old is new and new is old, it only makes sense for extraordinary furniture to be thriving. Say you find a wooden chair in your grandparents basement and you want to restore it and repurpose it for your own uses. Not only is it fashionable to do so nowadays; it is simple, too. Like what you are reading? Here are four more facts you might find by reading a repurposed furniture blog.

1. An entire industry

You want to decorate your entire apartment with vintage gear, so you buy vintage furni