How Can a Customer Service Coach Help Grow Your Business? – Small Business Tips

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The CSR must combine both by incorporating warmth and individualization. It’s okay to mention the name of the client but the message should be concise and professional.

Requesting More Information

CSRs could require additional information to assist clients in solving their problems. Coaches can assist CSRs in explaining the most effective approach to get clarity. Restating the question to the customer is one example of getting clarity, without having the CSR explicitly stating that he or she doesn’t understand the issue.

Speak No

Sometimes, CSRs have to say”no” to their customers. CSRs could use a mixture of a compliment as well as an apology to ensure that they don’t offend clients. The final step is to attempt to present alternative solutions to the client , or even ask that they be moved to someone who could be in a position to assist. You can see more strategies in the following video. w3x176v4os.

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