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A brief description will explain what kinds of construction steel that is forged may be used to build, in addition to the power generation industry and marine.

The size, pressure class, and the fitting design are important aspects one must be aware of when working with fittings. As forged fittings are produced in numerous locations all over the world, be aware of the finalization – black or galvanized, all depending on what appearance you want to achieve. This will give you an easy overview of fittings that are available, such as caps, plugs, unions and couplings. Also, it explains how each piece does when they are connected to a pipe.

With the industry sizes, there are some limitations. This video provides a brief overview of the material used because of the pressure classes in various connections. These include threaded and socket welds. The video also explains how pressure is affected at both low and high temperatures in the forged steel fittings. MSI can supply any pipe, gasket or valve necessary for assembly. qqh9hhdror.

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