Learn Some Gas Line Installation Tips – DIY Home Ideas

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Gas line installation does not need to be difficult, but you do have to take certain precautions to ensure safety. All DIY installations should start beginning with brand new pipes, and fittings.
Gas lines are able to be carried out in the same manner as other type of plumbing, there are certain steps that gas lines need to adhere to. The risk of a faulty gas line is greater than the risk of an existing plumbing line that carries water.
In this video, we will discuss the reason why gas lines need to be equipped with the pipe joint compound. The most common mistake DIY gas pipe installers make is to use Teflon tape in lieu of the pipe joint compound, which isn’t approved by the code. Another error that’s commonly discussed in the video is using the wrong kind of wrench that is appropriate for the task. Pipe wrenches shouldn’t be employed with brass fittings. For fittings made of brass using a crescent wrench would do the trick.
This video provides in very clear detail the procedure for installing a gas line. It also outlines the errors to avoid as well as what equipment is required. qvis15i4dx.

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