Manufacturing Cosmetic Creams – Find Video Store Shopping Video

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Cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment including the Silverson mixer creates a perfect Emulsion through the production of a consistent droplet size which translates into a product that is easy to absorb by the skin and is soft and useful.

Cosmetic cream production equipment makes droplets of various sizes dependent on the quality of the product. Silverson mixers can produce droplets with a size between two and five microns. However, they can be as small as 1/2 micron , depending the formula used. The smaller droplets create a cream mixture that is more uniform and balanced.

This video demonstrates how creams are produced. The video illustrates all stages of the process and lets viewers witness the Silverson mixer at work. It is the first step to melt the wax at temperatures of around room temperature. After that, you’ll prepare the aqueous solution with the Silverson mixer. After a couple of seconds then the magic begins. Two solutions come together to form a solid, perfectly emulsified cream. ugsrnbpw6j.

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