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The Leading Graphic Design Firms

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Graphic design

The concept behind graphic design has been around since humans were creating cave paintings 40,000 years ago; and each major civilization that emerged over the ensuing centuries put its own spin on what would become known as “graphic design.” From the Cave of Altimira to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to contemporary infographics, if the process involves the creation and arrangement of images, it falls under the broad umbrella “graphic design.”

The first mass-produced, and widely distributed, graphic design rendering, of course, occurred after Johan Gutenberg invented the printing press during the first half of the 15th century A.D. Although humans have been designing graphics for thousands of years, graphic design first became recognized as a distinct discipline during the 20th century. The term “graphic desi

Visiting Rochester? Don’t Miss These Local Attractions

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Rochester ny music

Did you know that, within the past year, downtown Rochester welcomed a Hollywood crew to film scenes for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the Oak Hill Country Club hosted the 95th Professional Golf Association (PGA) tournament? Magnolia’s Cafe and Deli even opened its doors to President Obama, also in 2013, who sat down to discuss tuition costs with local students. What many Americans do not realize, however, is that Rochester New York offers locals and visitors exciting entertainment year-round. What are some of the region’s unique sights?

A Twist on Traditional Night-Life

According to The Democrat and Chronicle, “Several Rochester bars and restaurants have meandered into a new age of cocktails.” Good Luck, One, and others are introducing an innovative twist to

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dip and Other Flavors

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Hummus dip recipe

Hummus is a healthy alternative to other snacks and dips. Hummus is a Mediterranean dip made from chickpeas and other ingredients that has become very popular in the US over the past few years. In the 21 months leading up to 2010, hummus consumption grew by around 35%, amounting to almost $300 million in sales. If you have not had hummus before, it could be worth trying it and seeing why it has become so popular.

Hummus has been around since at least the 13th century, when a recipe for it was created in Egypt. Right now, it is more common in the food of countries like Lebanon. A lobby organization for some of Lebanon’s bigger producers actually petitioned the European Commission to give hummus protected status as a uniquely Lebanese food. Hummus first started to become popular in the US during the 196

Four Things No One Tells You About Getting Breast Implants

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Price of breast implants

Over 300,000 women underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2011 alone. Since the technology was patented and rolled out in the mid-20th century, implants have become a popular option for women looking to boost their self-image or the chance at landing a romantic partner. In fact, recent poll data showed that 34% of women who’ve undergone breast implant surgery claimed an increase in overall satisfaction with their sex lives.

Of course, deciding on a breast augmentation procedure is still a major life decision and it can’t be taken lightly. It behooves you to talk with your primary care physician about it, who can then potentially refer you to a plastic surgeon to handle the exact operation. As you prep for you big change, consider these four important facts you probably haven’t heard about getting